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History of the company

In the 90-s of the XX century in Russia there was a period of strong growth in international economic relations. Working with multinational companies required level of service that meets international standards. It is in Rostov, where over the centuries was accumulated experience of economic and trade relations, based on the world practice of courier companies and taking into account the specifics of the Russian market in 1998 DIMEX was established - the company that provides an international express delivery and courier service.
One of the competitive advantages of the company is the ability to deliver correspondence or freight with any kind of transport. This enables optimal timings and cost for the services.
For many years DIMEX has been in the top five providers in all the countries where it operates. During the long performance on the market of courier services DIMEX built an extensive network of offices in Russia and abroad. Today it owns offices in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Abkhazia,  Estonia and Kyrgyzstan. DIMEX is a network of over 100 own offices and more than 1,000 representative offices.

Positioning of DIMEX

The main activity of the company is focused on express delivery of correspondence and cargoes in Russia, Customs Union and neighboring countries and abroad. DIMEX is the market leader in introduction and application of new technologies and service delivery. The network is constructed in a single information field, which greatly increases the speed of data processing and has a positive impact on the efficiency of delivery and safety of items.
Flexibility and availability of versatile fleet allow development of universal and individual delivery routes, providing high speed and maintaining the availability of services. DIMEX’s capabilities enable delivery of correspondence anywhere in the world.

Benefits of DIMEX

A wide network of offices allows DIMEX to ensure a full control of mail and cargo movement at all stages of transporting. The Company guarantees the reliability and security of delivery. DIMEX constantly improves security technology of deliverables sent by the client and can now offer additional features, such as:

  •  Packing with several degrees of protection;
  •  Special status of shipments (insured items);
  •  Monitoring system for administration at all stages of delivery;
  •  Guaranteed delivery times;
  •  Delivery by principle "from hand to hand".

DIMEX takes the best from modern technologies. Therefore, at the moment a courier can be requested not only by phone or by e-mail, but also on the official website in the "call a courier" and "personal account" sections.
DIMEX organizes the work in order to make courier service convenient and profitable for customers.