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Types of packing according to types of cargo

Properties of loads, accepted for delivery. Cargo packing

The Sender is obliged to transfer to the Contractor goods, prepared for transportation in such way to ensure the safety of their transportation and safety of the cargo, as well as to prevent damage to the vehicle. Cargo packing must exclude the possibility of access to the inclusions and maintain the necessary markings.

Types of packing

Rigid packing
1. Boxes, made of plywood and wood.
2. Crating.
3. Boxes, made of plywood and wood and crating with shock absorption pads.
4. Tight-head metal barrels and cans.
5. Drums and bobbins.
It is made from metal, plastic, wood, glass, cardboard, wood-fiber materials and paper grade pulp.

Rigiflex packing

6. Corrugated fiberboard boxes (including corporate DIMEX boxes).
7. Corrugated fiberboard boxes with additional protection of contents (internal walls, shock absorption pads, shipping skid)
8. Tight-head plastic barrels, containers and cans with crating.
It is made from plastic, paper, some kinds of cardboard, polymer materials.

Soft packing
9. Bags from polypropylene and woven fabric.
10. Polypropylene bags, multi-layer paper (including corporate DIMEX strongbox and envelope-bag).
11. Tape (stretch tape or «ultrathene», bubble tape and others), wrapping paper.
It is made of fabric, tapes, paper, polymer and mixed materials

 Requirements for types of packing for different cargo types.

Cargo types

Type of packing used

Textiles, garments, knitwear, leather, fur products.

6; 9; 10; 1; 2

Magnetic carriers, batteries, small appliances and office appliances (irons, blow dryers, kettles, cartridges, telephones, cameras, etc.).

6; 7; 1; 2; 3

Dry confectionery and fruit and vegetables products, additives, spices, dry medicines (drugs, bandages, cotton, etc.) and medical products.

Small spare parts, accessories, component parts, small wares, toys, watches, souvenirs, housewares, care items, items made of paper and cardboard.

Metal and disposable tableware, sport and garden tools (disassembled), electrical products, accessories and feed for animals, domestic maintenance tools, lamps, лампы, metal goods.

Items in hard consumer packaging: finish materials, stationery, household and auto chemicals, photo products, paint, different greasing materials.

6; 7; 1; 2; 3

Food items (except emulsified and requiring special transportation conditions), medicines, perfume and beauty products, beverages, medium and large housewares.

1; 2; 3; 7

Items in fragile consumer packaging: finish materials, stationery, household and auto chemicals, photo products, paint, different greasing materials.

1;2; 3

Sanitary wares (shower cubicles, baths, toilet bowls, sinks, etc.), surfacing materials, porcelain and crockery ware, chandeliers, all types of equipment (energy, industrial, power, shop, medical, exercise machines, industrial tools), power stations and electrical units, machine tools, mechanisms, game machines.

Furniture (disassembled), industrial wood (slabs, plywood), doors, plastic panels for louvre-boards, windows, window sills, machine details and components, metal items (sheets, strip bars, roll-formed sections, plain bars, pipes), windows, lifting tackle, motor vehicles, batteries without electrolyte, musical instruments.

Glass (window, automobile), show windows, mirrors, decorative products made of finishing dips and concretes, stone, clay, glass and plaster.


Any liquid products, which is not hazardous in accordance with GOST 19433-88

4; 8

Dry powdered and granulated materials, и гранулированные материалы, plant bulbs


Cables, connectors, cords and wire


Consolidated load on 15 and more palletloads, which do not require special transportation conditions.


Linoleum, carpet in laps on core work face inside; treads, plastic pipes; cables and connectors in coils; plastic and metal storage reservoirs for liquids of pondage 100 l and more.

without package

If the packing doesn’t correspond to the nature of the cargo, additional packing can be carried out on the basis of agreement with the Customer (the Sender). Soft packing: boxes, cardboard, bags, stretch tape are provided free of charge. Rigid packing is a paid service and is paid according to current tariffs.

If the packing doesn’t correspond to the nature of the cargo, the cargo is accepted for delivery under the terms of the relieving of the Contractor from responsibility for cargo damage. Representative of the Contractor puts a note of non-compliance of packing to standard requirements of the Contractor in the DIMEX invoice. The Contractor doesn’t accept for delivery objects, materials or their parts transportation of which is prohibited by the current transportation rules or legislation of the Russian Federation, including the following: fire, air, gas and cold arms or it’s parts , service ammunition, fireworks, flares and armor-piercing ammunition; radioactive, explosive, poisonous, corrosive, flammable and other hazardous substances under pressure; explosive, flammable, toxic, corroded substance; narcotics, psychotropic, potent substances; foreign currency and banknotes of the Russian Federation, traveler's checks, securities, credit cards; Jewelry and precious metals; living or dead plants and animals, human body parts or remains (in the form of ash); loads containing perishable items and items that require special storage conditions and / or transportation; objects which by their nature or packaging may pose a risk to workers engaged in the delivery of cargo, soil or damage other cargo space.
Customer, intentionally or unintentionally transferring to the Contractor a cargo, prohibited for transportation, relieves the Contractor from responsibility and compensate to the Contractor all documented losses related to this.

The Contractor shall not accept cargo for which the customer requires compliance with certain temperature conditions during transportation.